2023 Year in Review
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2023 Year in Review

As 2023 draws to a close, we at Xentria are excited to share a glimpse of our journey through a year marked by expansion, innovation and community engagement. Looking ahead we are excited to leverage the momentum of this year to reach new ventures and even greater successes in the coming year.  

2023 saw a number of exciting milestones as a company, including moving to our new office in the heart of Chicago’s biotech hub. Being a part of the emergent biotech community in such a vibrant city is undoubtedly a proud achievement. We celebrated this milestone with a small party, showcasing the true Xentria spirit. 

This year marked an incredible year of growth and expansion as we welcomed eight ten new team members, which is a testament to our efforts. Each addition to the team brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, contributing to our overall success. 

The effort put into creating a new website reflects a commitment to showcasing Xentria’s evolving identity and achievements and serves as a powerful tool for connecting with partners and the broader community. 

Attending ten conferences and events in both the US and Europe demonstrates our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and networking with key stakeholders. Being invited to present at a number of them is a significant recognition of Xentria’s expertise and contributions to the biotech community. The diverse range of locations we visited, including Washington DC to Milan, marks a global presence and an eagerness with the international community.  

Rare disease trial kick off  

Embarking on a Phase II trial for XTMAB-16 in pulmonary sarcoidosis is a cherished achievement that reflects the dedication, skill and commitment of our team. November marked a crucial step in advancing treatment understanding.  

XTMAB-16 is currently under investigation as one of a few therapeutics specifically developed for the treatment of pulmonary sarcoidosis. Trials like these play a vital role in contributing to research and we continue development of XTMAB-16 with purpose and hope to make a difference alongside the dedicated community of advocates and people working to make a change. 


In June we entered a commercial agreement for XTMAB-16 with Meitheal Pharmaceuticals. Xentria received an up-front payment of $60 million along with milestone-based royalties for a licensing deal worth up to $700 million in payments to Xentria over the term of the agreement. 

Through valued partnerships, we continue to build comprehensive scientific solutions to advance challenging drug development.  

In the spotlight  

Throughout the year XTMAB-16 and Xentria have been featured in several publications, showcasing the anticipation around the treatment. This underscores Xentria’s commitment to developing medicines for diseases often overlooked by the larger players.  

XTMAB-16 was featured as a showcase in Nature’s BioPharm Dealmakers Xentria’s Feature in Nature Biopharma Dealmakers - Xentria further highlighting the potential of the treatment.  

We were featured in the peer-reviewed publication Frontiers in Pharmacology. The article, entitled “Leveraging in vitro and pharmacokinetic models to support bench to bedside investigation of XTMAB-16 as a novel pulmonary sarcoidosis treatment” summarizes how population pharmacokinetic modeling can be used to identify optimal dosing regimens for drug candidates and can be found here.   

Xentria was also the topic of a recent documentary ViewPoint, which is a captivating and award-winning documentary series hosted by Dennis Quaid. The program delves into the fascinating world of biotechnology and witnesses the groundbreaking work of companies like Xentria in patient-centered drug development, with diversity at its core. View a clip here.

As we reflect on the past year, we take pride in the contributions made to the growing life sciences. Here’s to continued growth and innovation and cheers to another year of making a positive impact! 

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