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Through having a laser-like focus on our pipeline criteria, we can offer our partners acutely relevant and specialized support.

This concentration of effort ideally positions our team and capabilities to evaluate potential drug opportunities in an honest and authentic way.

The following projects are in our current pipeline. We’d be delighted to discuss your projects with you and where you feel we may be able to deliver specific value.

The agents described below are currently under investigation. The safety and effectiveness for their various investigational uses have not yet been established.

Project Name



This chimeric human-murine anti-tumor necrosis factor α (TNFα) is being developed as a novel biologic product specifically for the treatment of sarcoidosis. The monoclonal antibody targets the inflammatory response known to occur in patients living with this rare disease. TNFα is a pro-inflammatory cytokine released by immune cells that may promote the formation of harmful granulomas and fibrosis throughout the body of people with the condition. To date, strong early data supports this lead candidate as a potential next-generation treatment for this chronic, multisystem inflammatory disorder.

Meitheal Pharmaceuticals to commercialize novel biologic XTMAB-16 for pulmonary sarcoidosis in North America.

Mid-stage Development Immunology & Inflammation Biologic Meitheal Specialty Biopharma



This targeting ligand conjugated to a fluorescent near infrared (NIR) dye aims to selectively bind to overly expressed proteins for the intraoperative visualization of key cancer-cells. By targeting and binding to cancer cells, the Ligand-Targeted Drug (LTD) technology could be used to highlight and distinguish cancer cells from healthy tissue during surgery. This technique can help surgeons to identify and remove cancerous tissue more accurately, potentially improving patient outcomes. Overall, this approach represents an exciting development in the field of cancer imaging and surgery and has the potential to improve the accuracy and efficacy of cancer treatment.

Discovery Oncology LTD Florescent Imaging Technology



This platform includes lipid nanoparticle (LNP) technology, a biotherapeutic delivery system that can potentially optimize and advance therapeutic delivery techniques for a range of diseases, and self-replicating mRNA (samRNA) technology.

The potential use of samRNA in immuno-oncology involves delivery, using the LNP system, of RNA molecules encoding for tumor antigens or immune-stimulatory proteins to induce an immune response against cancer cells. The direct delivery of samRNA into host cells allows for targeted delivery of the RNA molecule, which may enhance the immune response against cancer cells and improve patient outcomes.

The development of samRNA and LNP technology is an exciting development in immuno-oncology, but further research is necessary to fully understand its safety and efficacy. mRNA therapy, including samRNA, offers an adaptable platform to build for the future of precision medicine and has the potential to improve the efficacy of cancer treatments and ultimately benefit patients. Research remains ongoing to fully understand the safety and efficacy of samRNA in immuno-oncology applications.

Discovery Immuno-Oncology (IO) LNP-mRNA Platform



Gonadotropins are medications used to mimic the action of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) produced by the pituitary gland. In reproductive medicine, some fertility medications in women aim to stimulate the ovaries (STIMs) by increasing the amount of circulating FSH and, in turn, stimulating the ovaries to produce follicles. Treatment with these types of drugs can be helpful to both men and women during their reproductive journeys, which can often be an uphill battle. Fertility treatment cycles are individualized to each patient’s situation, and we are aiming to ensure this treatment is accessible to those in need.

Discovery Reproductive Medicine Biologic

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